BFP? Or... (Pictures)

Kelsie • Wife, Momma to 3 girls, expecting baby #4! 🤰
Okay so here's the deal. I took a digital ovulation test and had four days of high fertility, then 2 peak days. Peak on cycle day 10 and 11. Today is cycle day 18 and I had two positive opk. I'm approximately 8 dpo. And on 6 dpo I took a preg test. A couple hours later I saw this. I know you can't count them after 10 minutes but it's blue. It may be an evap line. But why the positive opk today?! Also I've had cramps for a few days and have no EWCM. It's very creamy and persistent. 
In February I had a miscarriage and I started my period in March on March 10 exactly 28 days after mc started. So my cycle bounced back to normal pretty quick.  
​I guess I'm asking... Could these positive opks 9 dpo be a very early sign of pregnancy?! have no EWCM. I did the days I was told I was ovulating. Am I going crazy? Lol in advance thanks!!!!