Relationship Help Please 😞

So my boyfriend and I have only been dating for 8 months but in these 8 months it has become increasingly obvious that him and I are polar opposites. We rarely agree on things and a lot of the time our conversations end in an inconclusive disagreement that we both decide to just drop in fears of it escalating to a big argument. My dilemma is that I know "opposites attract" and that it's not always a good thing either to date someone too similar to you, but I'm just so afraid for the future of our relationship. I feel like we might not have a future if we never have common ground, especially if we were to start a family one day. I feel that then it would be even worse because we would disagree on how to raise our children. If anyone has been in a situation like mine, or even if you haven't, I appreciate every piece of advise that I get. I feel so conflicted and I need as many outside perspectives and advices as I can get. Please please help 😞