Holding Relationship Hostage

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Whenever he and I get into some sort of fight or argument, he always holds the relationship hostage. Says things like "I'm sick of your s**t" "it's like this every month!" "How can you love someone part time while the other time you can't because they act psycho?" "EVERYMONTH I keep telling you it's not working out, but you don't listen.." 
I don't even know how to react or what to say to him whenever he gets verbal this way, I dont know if he's just saying it out of irritation or if that's how he really feels because 10 minutes later he acts like nothing happened. And here I am just hurt and seething because he was being such a D**K!!! 
Does anyone have any thoughts or feedback on this at all? I just let him be because I don't want to have a blow out. I love him and am committed to him...but sometimes I wonder why I even keep making an effort to make it work... *sigh*