PSA! The study about swaddling is being miss quoted!

I am SO sick of seeing this topic that I have to speak out!
The study that says swaddling will cause SIDS is NOT actually saying that. What it ACTUALLY says is that a swaddled baby that is placed on its stomach has a higher chance of SIDS. Of course this is true. No baby should be sleeping on their stomach, swaddled or not, because of the change of SIDS. There is no way to stop SIDS, but there are ways to lesson the chances of getting it, stop stomach sleeping is one of them. Back is best! Swaddling a baby and placing on their back is just fine! 
The risk for SIDS dramatically decreased by the age of 6 months and virtually disappears by age 1. Blankets, toys and pillows should stay out of the crib until baby is a toddler.
Please read the study! Please stop posting wrong information. SIDS is very serious and it's a concern for all moms. We don't need to get new moms something else to worry about! Please stop posting about this study!