Surprise baby shower at hubby's wrk

Jeanette • Married the love of my life 4/18/15 & got BFP 4 days after missed period mid morning 10/7/15 expecting 2nd child❤️👶🏻🎀
I'm so nervous b/c he dnt like parties & I know hey like to throw them...always have for other coworkers...I brought it up weeks ago like "what if your coworkers thru you a baby shower" & he was telling me not to plan anything & I swore to him I wasn't b/c I wasn't...then yesterday I came by his wrk and the ladies in front office told me they are having one for him today & invited me...told me not to tell so I didn't & now I'm heat waiting in an adjacent office for them to come get me...hope he isn't upset & ladies better tell him I wasn't involved...just invited lol