Sunday I started bleeding but it stopped so I called my doctor and she said it was normal....so I really didn't think to much about and I had my 9week app. The next day well I get up ya know get ready and all of a sudden a was bleeding really bad so I cleaned up and went to my doctor appointment and she called me back and couldn't find the heartbeat was a little upset but she said maybe it's the way she did it well after she finished the vaginal ultrasound she said Mrs.Cheyenne I have some very bad news but I didn't want to be the one to tell you but you lost the baby and they said they would run a couple test and see what keeps happening bc I have had 2other miscarriages so I got the call today saying in my future I will not be able to have children after hearing that I lost everything.... I would never wish anything like this in anyone but she kinda cheered me up by saying "I'm not saying you won't have children but it will be very hard. Just believe in miracles" and I hope a miracle happens..... But it's all in gods hands I just know when I go up there I will have 3 beautiful babies waiting for me and they will always be watching over me