I'm literally so depressed. *possible trigger/mc*

Nira • Wifey.Mommy.Happy
Our baby was due in April, but I ended up miscarrying :( We have been trying since to conceive again and nothing. 
It's literally breaking my heart to see so many pregnant people on my facebook. It's seriously to the point where I see an announcement/birth/ultrasound pic every time I go on there.  I know every baby is a miracle, so I'm so happy for them, but every day just gets harder :( 
And today, my immature 26 year old, idiot brother in law, told us he knocked up his 18 year old crazy girlfriend. (Like carved her name into my BIL's stomach with a knife crazy) This kid already got some girl pregnant like 4 years ago and has nothing to do with his child, and now he has another coming the same date our baby should've been here. 
How is this fair???  Why can't we have our baby when we are married, happy, financially stable, mature, etc... I just don't understand :(