Advice please

So within the last 3 years I have lost over 130 lbs. so in April I jacked my shoulder up and had to get surgery on it to repair it. So in July I had my surgery to fix it and I was down for about 2 months. So now I'm in physical therapy and I'm having a lot of issues as far as pain and in my shoulder and I found out that I have a a problem with my disk in my back. I woke up one day and couldn't feel my legs any way. I have gained 20lbs and I haven't gained any weight in 2 years so I'm freaking out and I can't work out like I need to so I was going to stop eating and replace food with protein shakes till I can drop the 20lbs. So the question is do you think I'm being two extrem or would you freak out to? No mind you I went from 430 to 285 keep that in mind. I was 304 and now I'm 299 since I started no food just shakes. 

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