TTC with PCOS, need a buddy to talk to!

hi everyone, I am new to this, so I'll tell you the basics, I was trying for 1 year when nothing was happening my partner and I thought we'd leave it and not think about it because they say it happens when you least think of it, and another year came so I decided to go to the doctor and turns out I have bad PCOS, first of all has anyone else got this so I can have a buddy to talk to about? it's just not happening for me ? I am terrified that I can't do the thing I have always dreamed of, my cycle is awful I can go two months without a period and when I get it it's really bad and I never know when I'm ovulating either so I've bought a box of pre conception vitamins and ovulation tests, hopefully this works. Also my weight is a problem too as since I have PCOS I have put on loads of weight and it's difficult too lose too. It's so heartbreaking every month seeing one line when it's something you want so badly. Anyway I hope there is someone out there I can talk to about this ? baby dust to all!! ✨✨✨✨✨✨