Why won't boyfriend compliment me?

Okay so I know I'm not an attractive person and usually I can accept it. I have other redeeming qualities and don't need to be pretty. Only thing is, I have an amazing boyfriend but I think he feels the same way:/ The first month we dated, literally the best compliment he gave me was "you're not ugly". Now he sometimes calls me "cute". We've been dating for 4 months and he's called me "pretty" twice but both times just seemed so forced because it was before special events and like guys are typically supposed to do that....He never compliments me out-of-the-blue or calls me "beautiful" or "gorgeous". I don't know, at first I didn't mind it but now its ruining my self-esteem. I feel so ugly and I feel like he's not attracted to me at all. I'm clean and I take care of myself the best I can. I've been experimenting with new make up and clothes but he doesn't say anything. All he notices is that "I'm trying a new style". Its really hard because he is an attractive person. He's completely out of my league when it comes to looks and I just don't know what to do:/ I guess I just wish I knew why he isn't complementing me. He is kind of a shy and reserved person but we should be past that. We've made out but he strongly believes in abstinence and respect for women, (he won't touch my boobs, butt, legs, etc because he thinks its trashy). I really respect him more for his beliefs, its just frustrating because I kind of feel like my body is unloved. He tells me he loves my personality every day... I just wish he loved all of me.

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