Posterior ventricle update

Stacie • 31 and carrying an Autumn baby
Thanks for your responses guys. Was in a horrible place on Friday. But got an emergency appt yesterday afternoon. Although the little bag of marbles does have a large pv, it is isolated, there are no other problems with him. He is on point with everything else. Had an amazingly thorough scan and watched him wriggle for two hours while five!! Consultants checked him out good and proper. 
They are not sure of a reason for it yet, have taken my blood and offered amniocentesis which I've said I'll think about but the head consultant was perfectly happy that it was just a unique 'feature' of our baby marbles. 
Oh and we have 100% confirmation that marbles is a boy!!!! ???? 
You guys are a great support team!! X
This picture is the awkward little marble bones kissing the placenta!!