Pregnant at 36

Hi all, my name is Ruby we found out 2 weeks ago that we are Finally expexting after trying consistently for 5 years, taking natural hormone supplements, tracking BBT & following Glow outline as Specifics for High Fertility days. We are 5 weeks & 3 days. Our road to this point was difficult to say the least. I promise you all, who may be Struggling to Keep your Faith. This conception was all directly because of God & keeping our faith. This time, I had stopped all supplements 2 months back, stopped tracking BBT. This was God's timing, & NOT ours! Tomorrow we go for our 1st ultrasound. Our due date has been given as January 17, 2017. I have NOT had morning sickness thankfully. My only symptoms are sore breast, horrid flatulence, & constant urination. For every comment I read, about other woman's fears, & concerns. I have prayed. I invite you ALL to keep each other positive, & motivated! To Pray for me, for as we know "wherever two or more are gathered, our Heavenly father listens". Thank you all. God bless!