Will he become aggressive towards people?

This is a carry on from my last post in a way, but yesterday some things happened, everything got out of hand and my boyfriend punched a wall out of anger. 
He is so controlled normally, he is the sweetest person and wouldn't usually hurt a fly, but this time he just lost it. 
I wasn't there to see it, but he ended up having to go to hospital and may need to have surgery on his knuckles to have them put back into place, 
I have literally just read a post on here about how "if he is violent towards objects, he will be towards you" and it got me thinking. 
He grew up in an abusive household, his father was a violent drunk and would often hurt him to the point he wouldn't be able to go to school for weeks. His mum can be the same, but isn't a drinker. 
The abuse no longer happens, but I know it's ingrained into him, it will stay with him for life. 
I'm not worried about him hurting me, because I know that the instant he did I would be gone, but it just got my brain working. 
What is the possibility he would turn that aggression towards people? 
Bearing in mind he is not a fighter at all, he is always the peace maker in our relationship and is so gentle, but there is always that thought at the back of my mind. 
We have spoken about it before, but I would just like to get the opinion of others, maybe even some experiences?
Thank you.