Friend issue

Elvira •

I apologize in advance for the lengthy message!

Back in 2006 I was working as a waitress and became friend with my colleague when we discovered that both our boyfriends were attending the same college. Fast forward to 2009, my ex set me free and I met my now husband in 2010.

As I mentioned my friend's husband knows my ex and they hang out together. Every time it would happen, she would call me to let me know what they did even though I made it clear times and times again that I don't care about what he does with his life. I was in an emotionally abusive relationship with him and I thought that, as a friend, she should be able to grasp the ct that I am better off without him in my life. I could not attend her wedding in Paris but made sure to send her a gift and even called her the day of. When she got pregnant, I took it upon me to organize the baby shower. I got married last year, it was a small court wedding with 10 people and she told me she could not attend because she was leaving for San Francisco the day before. It was a leisure ex got married a few month after me and she not only attended the wedding but went as far as calling me to tell me that a)he was getting married b)she was attending the wedding and her husband was a groomsman c) she even gave me te date and time of said wedding.

A few months before that, she sent me anonymous messages via an app, pretending to be my ex and missing me. Apparently, upon receiving the message, I did not react the way she expected that's why she called me to tell me that she was the one sending the messages. She really insisted on the fact that she was amazed by how calm and collected I was answering to the messages 😑 I wondered what part of "I am over him and perfectly happy and in love with my hubby" she does not's been freaking 7 years!!

Bottom line, when she told me that she was attending my ex's wedding I just cut ties with her and now she is trying to get back into my life but I don't feel like letting her. As far as I am concerned she does not respect my husband nor my relationship, she is not supportive (so many stories) and the fact that she is so close to my ex, when she knows what he put me through bothers me. What do you guys think? I'm starting to wonder if she is not jealous of me in some twisyed type of way.