who do I talk to? ( please pray for my friend as well)


I'm a junior in high school and a very good friend of mine has just told me she needs help. shes been through a lot in her life and she is picked on and made fun of a lot. she's different and people don't get her personality. I just found of she even tried to kill herself. she told me she wants to die. I don't know who to talk to go get her the help she needs. she went to the guidance office and all they said was they would have to write a referral but did nothing. I believe she along with everyone is here for a reason and I really want to get her the help she needs. she said she was embarrassed and I offered to go with her or talk to them for her. what else should I do?

update : she talked to her mom who said she'd call child focus monday or Tuesday so she can get registered to talk to someone or so she can talk to them right away.