I did it

37 weeks pregnant and I did it I left him I told him that I was trying and he wouldn't get help for his addiction I told him I was done with the lies and he yelled saying he hasn't lied he hasn't fucked up so I broke his meth pipe in front of him and told him he can just stay away I'm done be of lied to done being used done supporting him while he can't do a thing to help out by finding a job I just got diagnosed with diabetes and due anytime they swept my cervix today and he started to yell that he was stressed out I laughed and told him that I'm glad he is coming down now he can soberly realize what he is loosing I tried I did he won't do rehab or 12 step meetings I need to protect my kids soon to be 3 of them and he needs to hit bottom I just needed to see my value and my kids showed me that my 5 yr old told me today when I'm not home daddy sleeps a lot and goes locks himself in the bathroom he told me he loves him but daddy isn't the same and he wants a new one and he and sister will help me with the baby because daddy is always sick yeah hell no my kids come 1st