Can't Stand Dogs


My hubby and I have two dogs (mastiff-shepherd 2 yrs. and a min poodle 10 mths). Beginning of my pregnancy, they were fine and our poodle is allowed on the couch since she is small.

Around 2-3 months, their doggy smell was really bothering me so I didn't let them lay close to me. Now, I'm 34 weeks and I don't even want to let them inside because of the smell, and I feel like my husband gives them more attention with playing and petting them than he does me!

I make a point to pet them everyday, and give them positive feedback when they obey, but I wish I could just leave them outside 24/7! Is this all just pregnancy hormones that will go away?

*EDIT* I am not actually leaving them outside all the time. We also bathe our dogs regularly, it's just the inherent dog smell that bothers my pregnancy nose.

Is it normal to be especially annoyed during pregnancy at your fur babies?