A pissed New Yorker. Help!

Last summer, my boyfriends mom had a stroke and never fully recovered. So in March of this year him and his family picked up to move to South Carolina. We had already talked about moving and all. I'm graduating from college next week, but I don't officially finish until August 18th. I have to take two online courses, so anyways I planned on moving next year bc I wanted to save. Long story short, ive been on 3 interviews in the last 10 days. And the last position was for 16 hours a week and $9 an hour. How am I supposed to make a living or even save with that ? 
When I was applying for jobs I applied to the USPS in SC and I got an email for a drug test. The salary is two times what I was offered at this recent interview. 
If I go I'd have to live with my bf family for no more than 3-6 months. His mom already said I can stay with them as long as I work. I don't have a license either but I know how to drive. So I'd have to get that going, which I planned to anyways. Now, I plan to give her money for allowing me to let me stay. Which is no problem!
 What would you do?