My husband makes me nauseous

Bella • I'm Bella! 20 years old, recently married, pregnant with twins! I'm also an aromatherapist. Psalm 139:13
This is weird, and I've read other ladies experience this while pregnant, but I'm looking for an answer as to why this happens!
My husband literally makes me nauseous when he touches me, like rubbing my belly, kissing me, holding my hand etc... It's not all the time, and has gotten less frequent now that I'm in my second trimester. But last night he was kissing me, and I had to run to the bathroom to throw up. It was the first time I'd thrown up in 2 weeks!
It's so odd, because it's not the way he smells which some people have suggested. It only happens when he touches me. What I find helps is when he gives me no attention when I start to feel nauseous around him, which I've asked him to do. How does that make sense!?
My guess is it's a hormonal thing but I really would like a clear answer as to why this happens!