Humans surprise the eff out of me...although maybe they shouldn't

Beth • ~~~♡♡Let`s Roll♡♡~~~

So I work at a local fast food place, just got the job which so far is good BUT boy! People sure do surprise me...perhaps they shouldn't though.

So in the 3 weeks that I've been employed at the place I've seen so much disrespect it's unreal. From people throwing garbage on the floor purposefully and laughing as the cleaner picks it up only to make more of a mess, to people demanding coupons because the meal was not satisfied at all and we need to make them feel better, to panhandlers coming into the place begging people for money to having someone tell me to my face that I'm obviously a high school dropout who will only ever have this job (FYI I have a diploma in administration but jobs are very scarce in my neck of the woods) to perhaps the most discusting behaviour I have ever seen of a grown man....A public bus driver came up to the till asked for a coffee, I asked him what would he like in it and the asshat said to me "I want my coffee African American" I really didn't understand at first so I said well we have arabbica coffee beans...and he laughed and said "I'm being politically correct" and said the discusting thing to me again. I was floored, maybe I shouldn't have been but wow! As I gave him the cup I kind of thrust it at him and said your meal is on the other side you racist. He said what was that and the lady who was behind him said " she said you were an ignorant piece of shit and your food is on the other side asshole" The guy didn't say anything just had a sour look. Me? I gave that lady her meal for free and gave her free coupons.

But really Wow! It was an uncomfortable moment. I guess I had too much faith in humans....I don't know.