What do I do now??

So I've missed my period. I've taken multiple tests on the day of my missed period, a few days after, then a week after and all negatives. I have PCOS and have been told alot of women with PCOS have had difficulty testing because of the low levels of hcg that are detected. They received multiple negatives only to find out they were weeks or months pregnant. I dont want to wait months just to find out I've been pregnant the whole time. If I'm not pregnant now then I need to speak with my fertility doctor about my symptoms because I've been having fatigue, cravings, mood swings, and nausea along with my no period. I've spoken with my pcm about getting an ultrasound because I've heard that thats the only sure way to know if I am or not. Its hard to get anything done because I have to get my pcm's approval of everything I do. I cant just go and schedule something without a good enough reason for her to want to send me. And she's not a very good doctor. My fertility doctor is hard to reach and I would possibly need her approval as well.

What am I to do?? I want to know now so if I am I can do all I can and more to ensure this is a safe and healthy pregnancy and get past the risky term.

Also my pcm did say to come in for a pregnancy test and that I would be sent to the lab and after will be notified in 3 days. Is there any way that this isnt just a normal urine test?? I would hate to waste my time when the same reaction might happen.