How to get through a heartbreak?

Jade 🌸 • I like blunts & dogs
So long story. I crushed hard on this guy for 2 years. We finally got together in February, things moved pretty fast. I lost my virginity to him. He also moved in with me. We were together everyday for 3 months ( I know not that long ) he cheated on me once, and we broke up for a week, but like the idiot I am I went back. Last week his crazy ex girlfriend threatened me and sent me a bunch of rude messages. Last month I overdoesd and self harmed, which is something I've struggled with for years along with anxiety, she basically told me I did it for attention and to slit my throat next time. Me and my ex got into an argument over this and he told me she was crazy and just mad. Well that same day he left but told me he'd come back. We broke up a few days later because he told me he was still in love with her. I'm honestly crushed. His stuff is still at my house along with histarantula. I've told him to come get it and he said okay. But he's made no effort. I just want him to come get it and be done with his bullshit. My problem is when you spend everyday with someone for so many months, you get attached, and his was my first. I loved that boy with all my heart no matter how bad he treated me. It doesn't help that I'm also going through a pregnancy scare at the moment either :( I i just want to forget him... 😭