Unisom and B6

I have a question. I am 7 weeks today and have had debilitating morning sickness. I've missed days of work, had to come in late, leave early, I couldn't even make it long enough to stay for my brothers whole high school graduation. My family is going on a trip to Sedona and I can't go because I'm just too sick. I often find myself crying from the pain until I fall asleep. My fiancé is trying his best, and is going out of his mind trying to help me find remedies so that I can enjoy this pregnancy we both wanted. In his research he came across the combination of unisom and Vitamin B6. Unisom is a sleep aid that was originally marketed for nausea. I took a dose of it around 10pm last night and slept better than I have for weeks. But I have work at 7am so I woke up feeling like there was led in my veins. It's 10am now and still the effects haven't let up. Admittedly I have no nausea or vomiting at all. I was even able to eat. But I feel so heavy and out of it that I could faint on the spot and not care. 
Any advice for this combination? 
Has anyone else heard of it?
Did I take too much? I weigh 115 at 7 weeks, I'm 5'2" 
It's the first thing that's gotten me to eat in weeks, but I can't shake this tunnel vision. I'm just hoping I can continue using it as long as I change up the dosing/timing