Advice please. Hurting my relationship

A little background first. I first started at the age of 13 and shortly after was diagnosed with dysfunctional uterine bleeding. Was told then that I may never have kids. At the age of 17 I found out I was pregnant (young yes, but I took responsibility for my actions and completed high school and even went on to college. Wasn't easy but I did it) normal pregnancy everything was fine. Afterwards I decided to take the shot because the pills made me sick. At 18 I started having alot of pelvic pain. I mean it would hit and I was on the floor in a ball. My Dr decided to do an exploratory surgery to see what was going on. JUST TO SEE. Or so I thought. During the surgery she discovered endometriosis. OK it runs in my family. But the Dr made the decision to cut open my tubes and scrap them out. Her words. So I continued on the shot for the next 4 yrs until I was ready to try again. But the pain had also started again. I went to the Dr this time (different Dr because the first had stopped practicing due to being sued too many times) and was told my tubes were swollen 7x the size they were suppose to be with scar tissue and the only option I had to stop the pain was removal. I went to a fertility Dr for a 2nd opinion. Same thing. So I did it. I wasn't happy about it but I didn't see any other way. Now since then I've had Dr's tell me I can't get pregnant natural and then I've had some tell me I can. That my chances are low but that it's possible. I've Googled I've researched but no clear answer. My current bf is 31 and has no kids of his own but really wants one. I myself with past bfs never even thought about it. I just figured god gave me what I could handle, what I needed. But now I'm ready for another. My daughter is 12, I'm in a good place in my life, happy in my relationship and want to be able to give him everything he wants. Even a child. I know I can do <a href="">ivf</a> but it's so expensive and there's still no garentee and I'm terrified I would end up with multiples. I had a pregnancy "scare" (for lack of better words) in august. I was nauseous, butt cramps, tender breast, hungry all the time, but severe lower back cramps. My period was only 1 day late but then it was extremely heavy. You could tell he was disappointed and has been distant ever since. Sometimes I feel like he feels that he may be wasting his time with me because I can't give him what he wants and it's tearing us apart. So basically what I'm looking for is: has anyone ever heard of conceiving naturally without tubes? Am I getting my hopes up for nothing? I'm so lost