Pregnant and treated like Shit

I just found out I'm pregnant, it was confirmed I'm 6 weeks. I work as a CNA at a nursing home and the problem is heavy lifting and its part of the job. We have to take vitals, chart, shower, dress, feed our elderly people. I consider myself a hard working mom of 5 year old. I've always worked for my stuff. There's this girl at work who's always bullying me kind of. And to be honest I'm kind of scared of her. She's bigger than me, she has a bigger mouth, and she tries to boss me around when she slacks and take a shit ton of smoke breaks. I can't tell the charge nurse because she adores her. Shes going to school For her RN license, so I suppose that's why she's the favorite. Anyway, there's some people I can't do by myself because I already have back problems before I got pregnant. She knows I'm pregnant, and she still rude to me. I'm emotionally overwhelmed. I can't quit and I don't want to loose my vacation days or anything. I worked too hard for that. Is there any rights for women who are pregnant?