Discouraged πŸ˜”

I'm 40 weeks 3 days with my first and im in early labor contractions ar 4 to 6 minutes apart but cervix 1cm and 75% effaced. I've been having contractions for 27 hours ans counting and no dilation still i waiting 18 hours to get checked after they started because i didn't want to be disappointed if i wasn't progresses yet i felt like it wasn't hurting enough (i was right) but my family started to get me a little excited which i was trying to avoid but after so long they convinced me maybe things were happening and i finally agreed to get checked so empty handing i went to the hospital just me and my mom and stayed for about 3.5 maybe 4 hours and they watched the baby and my contractions but they aren't strong enough to make me dilate but are real contractions since they haven't stopped or slowed down so I was told im in early labor and its been several hours since then and still the same 4 to 6 minutes 60 second contractions so I'm feeling super discouraged and upset that my body doesn't feel like its progressing any kind words or tips to boost my mood and i know i hear i need to be happy im gonna have her within the next few days probably but its hard when i feel like im failing somehow im so close but feel so far! Just stuck in the dumps right now πŸ˜”