Ugh what is going on

Starly • Married, Mommy of a 4 year old, ttc baby #2

On the 12th I got a positive Clearblue digital ovulation test so I figured since my temp dipped on Sunday like blow my regular temperatures that Sunday was the day I ovulated I I had 3 days of Rises and then now it's been Bucking Horse Sale here in Miles City for the last 4 days and Thursday, Friday, & Saturday me and the hubby went out so for the last 3 days my temps have been high but that's because we had been drinking which is stupid I know because we're trying to conceive but we wanted to go have some fun since we rarely ever do.

Anyways I checked my cm today because ff thought I ovulated the 18 cause of the high temps so I discarded them because alcohol can give you high temps, my cm was watery but my cervix is soft and medium hight.

I feel like I'm already out because after the 12 we bd till that Wednesday and took a break. Going to take an ovulation test this afternoon to see what's going on. So discouraged right now.