Freaking out 😳

Marga • Mom to Luke (09.06.2016) & Elle (22.03.2018)
Ladies...As stated in the title,I am freaking out...and I could really do with some encouraging words. Our c-section is scheduled for next week Thursday (the 9th) and I have this uncontrollable fear that someone is wrong with the baby (not that there has ever been any indication of anything being wrong but my mind is going in overdrive....)What if all that doughnuts and chocolates I consumed messed him up...or the two or three big packs of cheerios? What if I was exposed to terrible toxins (I am an Architect so I am constantly on building sites) or the jack hammering on one of the sites made him deaf...I also realised that I have never seen him open his hands and today I read that that is a marker for trisomy 18 😳😱...Please tell me I am not there anyone with similar experiences that have delivered healthy babies...or even just have words of reassurance? Excited to meet this little dude but losing my mind at the same time 😱😱😱