Doing it alone.

So long story short my kids father walked out again, he's always been in and out, the longest he's ever been around is two months! I'm pregnant with our second child and he was cheating on me with this one friend he's known for awhile, she also has a baby which isn't his she's about 5 months and now the girls pregnant too! Anyways he's totally abandoned my kids he won't even ask for them at all, it's been months, I can't help but too cry because it hurts so much. He doesn't even ask about this baby that I'm carrying yet flaunts his gfs expecting baby and everyone seems to praise him. I don't know what to do, I sent him pics of the baby and no response, his gfs jealous of my daughter and seriously wants her out of the pic and she's getting what she wants. He wasn't involved in our daughters pregnancy yet was involved in that girls which isn't his baby. I don't get it I feel like complete crap.