31st May - 9 DPO

T • Feb 5th Angel baby ❤️ Rainbow due 5/01/18 🌈👶🏼❤️
AF due June 5/6th ✨
Back story - MC in Feb at 6w4d found 2 dermoid ovarian cysts on ultrasound but still TTC #1 
Hey girls, 
I'm currently 9DPO and feeling the same symptoms as I did when I got pregnant the first time. Sore bbs, abit nauseous, tiny left cramps/twinges, visiting the toilet way more often, and minor headaches. Not sure if I'm symptom spotting too much 😖 .. so tempted to test! Just wanted to know if there's anyone who roughly has the same cycle and what are your symptoms?
Good luck to us all nearly the end of TWW we can do this 💪🏼  Wish you all billions of baby dust 🌬✨👶🏼 
T x