Any Uk mums want to do the 12ww with me?!

Rebecca • 36yrs old, pregnant with my first and my SO's 3rd 💕💫
Hi Ladies, 
I see so many lucky ladies over 'the pond' getting their early scans, I wondered if there were any NHS bound Uk ladies on here having to do the 12 week wait?! I found out at 3+3 and am now 6+5. I have my scan date but it's not till 12th July when I will be 12+5! 6 whole more weeks to wait 🙁 I've got my booking appointment at 9 weeks, so at least that's something but I just so desperately want to know that everything is going ok with my little squidger. I was going to pay privately for an early scan but have since changed my mind due to costs, id rather save the £95 and buy something nice for baby for when s/he is here. Anyone want to do their 12ww with me? Xx