Trials and Tribulations.

K • Mom of 1, TTC #2.
So. I have been ttc #1 for about a year and a half. Age 25- we went in for all the tests and everything is wonderful and healthy. I have the affirmation that it is going to happen so why was I still so depressed, anxious, and angry at every Facebook post, pregnant person, and anyone that asked me questions?      I had a talk with God yesterday and basically was like hey, I'm struggling. I'm usually able to see the good in every situation. I'm depressed. My husband and I fight about ttc, like I need some answers. Literally got off the phone with a dear Friend who gave me a great devotional that has changed my whole outlook. Since then I've decided to be completely off Facebook and do a spiritual cleanse. If you have to wait for something this important might as well be productive for the time being. So no dairy, no gluten, no coffee, and no alcohol for 40 days. I am allowing Instagram (I deleted or unfollowed all pregnant people.) I'm going to focus on being healthy and Gods word for the next 40 days. If anyone wants to join or needs encouragement let me know. It's already extremely powerful and if nothing else comes of it, my body will appreciate me a little more. :)