What should i do about his compulsive cheating?

Im 9 months pregnant can go literally any moment. I left the father 5 months ago after finding out he cheated multiple times. However since getting closer to baby i agree we could see if we can work things out. 3 months ago he got in an accident and has been on disability. This month he is short on his rent and asked me to cover the balance. ..i agreed to so he wouldn't get evicted. HOWEVER since the i found out he has been sleeping around again this time with prostitutes he finds on backpage. Now i feel like if he can afford to pay for sex he can pay his own rent ( on top of that he hasnt purchased any thing for our baby except a onesie and some Johnson and Johnson loiton). I told him i know what hes done and he denies it even though the evidence coincides with a day he said a friend stole from him but his "notebook" calls one of the hookers a theif. He keeps calling me asking for the $ and calling me inconsiderate. My friend says i should give him the money to smooth things over and not appear bitter. But he used his money to pay for sex while actively carrying on a sexual relationship with me while carrying our child. Should i just give him the 300 so this baby can come in peace?