Tongue and lip tie.

Emma • I`m Emma. I`m 23 and happily married to the love of my life. We welcomed a baby boy 5/13/16 by emergency c-section!
Well I've been having a lot of pain and problems breastfeeding my now 3.5 week old.  At his 2 week dr appointment I asked about a suspected lip tie and he said it was probably a contributing factor and gave me the name of a pediatric dentist.  I saw my lactation consultant a few days later and she thought he also had a posterior tongue tie. Today we had our appointment with the dentist.  He had an upper lip tie, posterior tongue tie, and high & shallow pallet.  He used a soft tissue laser to cut his ties and told me to see the lactation consultant later this week because he's basically going to relearn how to nurse with his entire tongue.  
I'm sad my baby had to go through that 😢 but I'm really hoping it helps us because I'm not ready to give up breastfeeding!