Should I give him a second chance?? He's the one who broke up with me... On Saturday. And he just texted me this:
I'm asking because I have never given anyone a second chance. I let him in and my walls down (haven't done that in over 2 years) and him doing that really hurt me. But instead of me getting angry I felt and feel hurt and lost. 
Blake sent me this: 
You know what. I'm a god damn idiot. I love you. This whole day I've had my head down because of how much I love you and need you and hate myself for what I did to you. You probably hate me now. You probably want nothing to do with me now. But it's true that I love you. And I've never let anyone in like I have you either. I thought I would be happy just taking care of myself. But I want to take care of myself and if you let me I would like to be there for you to. I did mean it when I said I wanted to marry you. And I know I'm not the best man. Not even close. I change my mind like a a girl changes her underwear. But no one knows me like you do. And unlike everyone else your the first to show you love me. Your the first to seem to want to prove your loyalty. Yeah I messed up. I want you back. And that would never change either if you let me have you. Never again. I've never had a true woman. And I guess it kinda scared me because I thought you may have been to good to be true. I want to put a ring on your finger and go to Italy. I don't care what it takes. But I will respect you if you decline. I wouldn't blame you. I fucked up and pushed you away. And I'm so sorry. You saw someone that was imperfect and pretty fucking hurt from his last relationship and someone that is scared for life from battle. Literally beaten and bruised and you still loved me. That in itself is amazing. And I can't tell you how much I regret what I did. Out of all my bad decisions in my life this trumps them. I understand if you want nothing to do with me. But I am o so so sorry from the bottom of my heart.