Terrified 😱

Shelby • 25✌Married 💍Addyson Izabella 1.29.17 💜Ansleigh Ione 2.17.19💜 🐶🐶🐶
Ok, so I had a miscarriage in April this year, and I am now currently 5 weeks pregnant. I am terrified of another miscarriage, I am 22 years old and healthy. I'm a Veterinary technician so I'm constantly on my feet at work, I work like 43 hours on average a week. It literally keeps me up at night and I'm constantly running to the bathroom if I feel anything "wet" down there bc I am scared it will be blood. Dr won't see me until atleast 6 weeks and I can't schedule due to work until almost 7 weeks. That Is 2 more weeks! Does anyone have any advice?!?!