Married young πŸ‘°πŸΎπŸ’

Do not speak on my marriage. Do not tell me I'm too young to know what I want. Do not assume we got married just because we had a kid. You do not know our story. You only know what I choose to let you know.
I'm all about respecting your elders and what not but omg I almost went off on this older woman! She saw my ring and asked how old I was. I replied 21 ☺️ and she had this facial expression of pure disappointed? I guess you can say? and asked why we got married so young was it because of him (pointing to our son) I replied no because we are very much in love. and she just was like "yeah okay you kids think you have it all figured out"
I smiled and went on my way.
I get it.. but omg I wanted to slap her! My husband and I are young I'm 21 and he turns 21 on the 22nd of October. We got pregnant in high school our senior year, we BOTH graduated ON TIME, he went into the Airforce and I stayed home with our son and went to college online and on the weekends. We have a lot more then people our age with no kids! I think we are doing pretty damn good! Marriage is hard but after one kid (found out about baby boy #2 the day after we got married in January2015) and 4 years we wanted to take that next step and it hurts and pisses me off when people assume we just did because we had a child(ren) when that was only a benefit from our love.Β 
Okay I'm done I just needed to let that out cause my husband is way better at letting things people say go then I am.