Hospital bag for baby😊💙

I see so many moms on here asking what to pack so I decided to lay mine out😊 I over pack so all of this isn't needed but my first was a colic baby and puked all over all of his clothes thankfully we lived 5 minutes from the hospital, this time were an hour away. Wipes, diapers, pacifiers, gas drops, bottle, supplement formula, pediatrician info, Health kit with nail clippers those are a must have, 2 long sleeve onesies, pants, and socks, summer romper, 2 sleepers, 2 onesies with socks, full long sleeve and pant outfit, coming home outfit with hat, 2 recieving blankets, 2 burp cloths, swaddle blanket, 2 blankets, couple extra pairs of socks, couple pairs of Baby mittens, and newborn photo outfit.