UPDATE! Rant: Black women with white men make ugly babies!

My SIL is white and her boyfriend is black. They have three children together. I'm black and my husband is white, we are expecting our first child. Anyways, we were at a family gathering and when my husband left, my SIL had the audacity to say " You know that babies where the mom is black and the dad is white, the babies turn out beyond ugly. Everyone knows the cute interracial babies are where the mom is white and the dad is black. It's logic. No offense." It took every bone in my body not to give her a piece of my mind. 😡

*Oh my goodness, all of you ladies and your children are so beautiful! Thank you all for the kind words! You all cheered me up! If I were not pregnant then she would have gotten a piece of my mind! I have high blood pressure so I didn't need the extra stress from ignorance. That's why I kept my calm! I told my husband and he handled the situation! He's the one that told his sister off! I'm still begging him to know what he told her. He just keeps saying that his sister doesn't matter and what matters the most is our baby and my health! I couldn't have asked for a better husband to marry!