Fitness tips please!

Kristina • ❤️❤️
Alright girls,
Im so unhappy with myself lately, im over weight and dont feel sexy for my man anymore. To be honest im embarrased with the way i look and its effecting my love life. My SO loves me the way i am but ive never been so unhappy with myself and the way i look. I want to lose 20kgs by december and need your help and motivation. I honestly feel like i have noone helping me and i beed your help. Please send me any exercise tips or workout plans you use or know of that will burn fat fast. I dont want to feel this shit and so low about myself anymore so i need to make a change. Not just for my man but for myself and my health. I have alot of belly fat and big thighs and ass. I want to slim down but keep a big butt. Please help me get to my goal.