Goth Moms and Fashion

Ok, so let me please start by saying I highly HIGHLY consider myself goth. I have been since high school of course I'm not typical goth I like to bounce back and forth between different styles.
Anyway so I'm making this post because my sweet, wonderful boyfriend who adores my fashion. His mother has a problem with it, she got so angry she was saying such terrible things. 
I'm 6 weeks pregnant after a few miscarriages 😢 and now that I've found my one and only ((we knew each other in elementary school)) I'm so deeply in love and I'm here for the long run.
But my point and questions are should a mom-to-be HAVE to change her fashion sense or can she stick to what is comfortable cuz yes, I do like to show a little skin. I'm 5'7, DDD36 breast size and 110 lbs before pregnancy I'm pretty damn proud of my body but I don't want to change myself if I don't have to. Any other sub genre or goth mommies out there Id love some advice!!!
Enclosed are a few pictures of me and my fashion any others wanted please ask! ^^ oh and here's a pregnant 6 week picture