Trust issues

Has anybody had trust issues and insecurities that made u cry every night? But I'm with a guy who loves me so much we have kids together and live together so I know where he is and who he talks to but I can't help have insecurities about when we watch t.v or he watches YouTube because he used to watch porn before we got together and he says he doesn't watch it anymore and that I believe but I can't help think he's not just thinking of the movie or context in a sex scene or any nudity on tv and he's actually thinking about the looks of the woman involved? How did u get past it and have you any tips to help me? I don't want to feel like this I do trust him and I love him with all my heart. Please no rude comments I really hate myself for being like this and everytime I bring it up with him I feel guilty and sick to my stomach for doubting him.