Circumcision help

Yesterday I went to Labor and Delivery for my tour and to do the registration paperwork. It was basically all the paperwork u do once u actually have the baby. It was strange. Anyways, as I am filing out the birth certificate papers the lady starts asking questions. One was if I am going to circumcise my son. I immediately say no without thinking anything of it and my husband jumps in quickly and say, "Oh yes we are!". The nurse leaves us for a few minutes to talk about it.

We have a 12 yrs old son who had it done but it wasn't done correctly. Now that he is older, it looks normal but when he was a baby it wasnt right. My husband insist that we get it done but all his reasons are cosmetic. So I'm sitting there like oh hell no, I'm not allowing it. For one I don't want another botched circumcision done and I also don't want my baby to feel it. YouTube shows step by step and I cried thru the videos.

We cannot come to an agreement on this. Its frustrating. What are you guys planning on doing? Part of me wants to do it but worried about them screwing it up. I don't want to take a chance on my son being hurt or anything. How can I win this argument?