Advice about semen analysis for husband?

My husband finally gave in and had his semen analysis done today. He has argued and argued since we found out that I have mild PCOS that he should not have to have the SA done. We have finally been seen by a specialist and they require that both of us be checked head to toe before making any plan moving forward. Makes sense right? Just because I have PCOS doesn't mean that he couldn't also have a low sperm count or something similar that could hinder us further- even after addressing my issue. Does anyone have any way I can explain the necessity of him being checked and why it's important? Is this just an ego or dignity thing? I was as sensitive as possible about the whole situation and he was able to collect at home. I know he has already done it and we can move forward, but he is still arguing with me about it. It's done I just want to move to the next phase, but he's adamant that I'm a ridiculous fool that doesn't know anything and I am the only reason we are struggling. Sorry for the length, rant over!  Please drop me a line- I'm at wits end!!