Relationship advice

My boyfriend and I have known each other for 10+ years we've been dating for almost 2 years. I've noticed things starting to get different between us I've been questioning about other females because I've noticed he been texting other females then noticed he been getting oral noticed it by looking in text messages every time I asked he said I was tripping he's given me a ring and treats me so well lately the past 2 weekends he's been more busy than usual. The other day I called one of the females he found out and got mad at me said I was doing to much it's been a day and we haven't spoken. I'm starting to question if I was in the wrong should he really be mad at me or is he flipping things to make me feel like that to take away the fact that it was another female he been talking to. He told the girl he had a ex and she stated she had a feeling otherwise and let me know that they've been kissing and going out some weekends. I've called he hasn't answered like I say it's been a day what should I do? Should I give him time to call or continue to text and call? Am I the one tripping or is he turning things on me? Help!