Broken penis!!

While having sex, my partner's penis ripped open. He didn't feel anything but when he pulled out we saw a pool of blood on the bed. I thought it was me at first, i was wondering if maybe my period came early but it was nearly impossible. Then i went to see him in the bathroom and he told me that his penis ripped 😩😭😂 We both  suprizingly stayed calm and just proceded to clean the bed(and ourselves😖)I couldn't believe it that he wasn't crying and it wasn't hurting him.. Maybe he was prentending he was okay.. 🤔 Also I was a bit worried to have someone else's blood in my vagina. Even after cleaning it good, I still had some blood coming out just for a day.
But everything is finally over.. Just no sex for him for a while, untill it heals!!😂