High bmi


I know I'm a bit over weight, I was trying to lose it before becoming pregnant but still had a bit to go. I am active, eat as healthily as I can and am trying.

First midwife appointment today and I'm a bit heavier than I was and my bmi was 36. I'm blaming my ridiculously grown breasts that I've had to buy new bras for already. I know it's not all that but it must be at least some of it...at least that's what I'm telling myself.Midwife told me I'll need to go see a consultant just to be checked but kinda brushed over it. I've just read the leaflet she gave me and it's full of all the horrible things than can happen to my baby because I'm fat but then tells me not to lose weight.

Has anyone else had this?

I know it's my own fault but I'm feeling a bit rubbish about it now I've read it :-(