Mother in law rant

Sasha • I'm 20 years old I have a four year old and I'm currently 16 weeks pregnant.
So my mother and law is driving me crazy and I'm not one to bite my tongue but I have for this long and I seriously don't think I can much more. We call her at least every other day or she calls us. My husband works over nights so he sleeps all day and doesn't even have time to spend with us at home much less be over at her place doing crap for her. She says that he wants nothing to do with her and she's going to kill herself or drop him from her life etc at least twice a month because he doesn't see her enough. We see her on both of his days off it might be just a few hours but we have crap to do too. She always calls me and complains about him and I just dont see how you can talk like that about your own fucking kid. We do everything we can for her. I do all her paperwork for her and everything else she freaking needs but I'm about to stop I really can't handle it any more I'm 36 weeks pregnant and I have a four year old to take care of. I shouldn't have to be taking care of her too when she's completely capable of taking care of her self and she doesn't listen to me when i tell her stuff anyway. she's been stressing me out so bad. I hate going to her house because my sister in law lives there and is gross so they have roaches bad and my son is allergic to them and I'm pregnant and have bad asthma. I feel bad for being mad about this crap but i really can't handle it anymore and I dont want this drama and such around my kids. Also she has to have at least $200 worth of gifts for Christmas and her birthday and about 50-100$ for mothers day. When the only thing she buys us is stuff from the dollar store maybe 80$ on my son and ten on me and my husband when she had two incomes and we only have one because I'm a stay at home mom. I don't get anything for my birthday, mothers day and the only thing I get for Christmas from my husband is things I need like last year I got a pair of shoes because mine had holes in them. It's ridiculous. Say what you may about me being an ass or whatever but I really just needed to rant and try to figure out what to do about this