Help get labor going naturally

I'm 38 weeks and will be 39 on Friday. I've been cramping for a week now and I've had pre-labor I went from a centimeter dilated to a 3 within 4 hours then my contractions stopped all of a sudden but this morning I didn't sleep at all last night and I've had more cramping again and contractions with it and my back is killing me and I have sharp pains go through my spine alittle bit idk what else to do I'm tired of being in so much pain I can't feel all of my contractions because of my adrenaline going because I had that issue Friday and they saw I was having a contraction but I couldn't feel it and they were kinda surprised really but please give me some advice I'm ready for my baby girl to be here and I can't stand to be in so much pain anymore I really want to cry because of the constant pain.