Harder than I realized..

Being a stay at home mom is harder than I expected and now I'm starting to become emotional!
I can never get anything done! My daughter is definitely high maintenance and needs constant eyes on her at 4 months. 
I've had the same to basket of laundry sitting in my bedroom for the last two weeks to be folded. I start to and fold them and them bam the little one wakes up! Which by the way she barely takes any naps during the day! 
I try to have dinner ready for the my other daughter who is 6 and my husband before he comes home from work but again that rarely happens. 
I'm lucky if my husband holds and looks after the baby for 20 minutes. Once she starts fussing he hands her back. I've wanted to get my nails done for weeks now but he will not watch her because she'll cry. Big whoop! 
I just need to get out I guess but again that won't happen because he will not watch the little one. It's not worth going out and coming home to him complaining. ( crazy at the fact that he wants to try for another in the next year) 
Nothing ever goes as planned and I'm just worn out. I don't know how you mommies do it. 
So stressed...